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Green suburb

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Increase the quality of public transportation in our home Pesterzsébet:

k). Final tram stop for Pesterzsébet's city center.

j). Required major extensions in region Közép-magyarország.

i). EDR, North - south regional train line

h). One modification for metro line 5.

g). Northern discharging way.

f). Attachment of HEV of Csepel and Ráckeve.

e). Tram line 2 in Pesterzsebet , or

d). Tram line 30 , or

c). Extension of tram line 3 , link with

b). Future of tram in Pesterzsébet , link with

a). Tram in Pesterzsébet.





If we look farther:

o). The elctronic ticket.

n). Connecting suburb railway H8 (GHÉV) to M2 metro line.

m). Transform suburb railway of Csepel and Ráckeve to tram.

l). Suggestions to solve mistery of Castle-bus.

k). Innovate of public transportation in Margit island.

j). The Széll-fogas project.

i). EDR, North - south regional train line for central region of Hungary.

h). Alterantive conception for metro line 5.

f). One ERG, monumental conception for increase the quality of public transportation in central region of Hungary.

e). For the neighbor, tram in Gloriett estate housing.

d). Quick tram for Rákoskeresztúr, better and cheaper tha metro.

c). Intelligend traffic controll in Budapest.

b). Innovate of tram in Moszkva square.

a). Tram line for connecting HEV lines of Budapest.



It is imperative
for us to have these projects accomplished.


More of our conceptions:

We recommend a continuous check of green cards with
mobile measuring stations.


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The ÁK52 organizers.

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