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Isle from north

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Isle Margit public transport revision


Isle Margit is a largest green area and place for relaxing within city centre

Its special quality is round by a river, but at its north and south end polluted by bridges with heavy traffic. Water well filter air pollution of a city (instead Népliget and Városliget). That effect ensured by evaporation of water protective zone, which fix pollutants.

Because Isle ensure chance health-saving for resident of a city centre, therefore cleaning it air have great importance.

To Isle many car has permission to entry for all day. If we exclude that problem, diesel engine of public transport route 26 according to schedule load air here. Other side, capitol city can only expect protecting of environment from its resident, if set an example. This is why our organization set up four alternative to significantly boost the situation.

Project Msziget-15-99 must emphasized, because that project treat that problem in interdisciplinary manner. In that way target to clear Isle Margit and city centre north-south axle too.


  1. The complex Msziget-15-99 project.
  2. Vehicle replacement to hybrid drive.
  3. Switch over route B26 at its full length to trolleybus operation .
  4. Switch over route B26 at its full length to trolleybus operation, automotive operation within Isle.


Be alive to the chance that metro line 5 can touch Isle, for that all we suggest to implement one of our solution. Line of Its reason is:


  1. Implementation of metro 5 ant its route is unsure.
  2. May build just in the distant future.
  3. Always have been peoples wish not to travel underground .


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