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Our research work


We study new technologies and tell our opinion about.

We draw here requirements for vehicles of public transport.


We analyze majority of BKV bus fleet replacement.

We issue our opinion about Balázs Mór project.

Estimation about a vehicle fleet of BKV.

Environmental impacts of vehicle fleet of BKK.

Where we found a public transportation way with smallest environmental impacts in Budapest.

How poosible to measure the comfort of public transport.


We do some test about the noise of the traffic, what we measuring and what we hearing with ears about it:

Here some example a matter of. Klikk

You can read about the results in this pages.

How it is possible decrease environmental impacts of traffic in Pesterzsbet.


Track of Pesterzsebet where need repair.

Where critical the environmental impacts in street of Pesterzsébet.

We do some comparison to estimate work of government of Pesterzsébet.


What is the price of extensions for the taxpayers.

We publish a biker map of our area.


Lookout in Europe.

We point here some ticket history.

With some photo about a special event.

We show here what wer found and what call an fun.


Send us e-mail if you have opinion!

The ÁK52 organizers.


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